Should I Do It?

Seven students from different clicks and status quos at South Valley High compete in a talent competition that can significantly change their public lives while dealing with personal issues of finances, racism, abuse, gender identity, bullying, addiction, body shaming & drug trafficking that challenge them to be who they really are.
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Seven Lions Music Videos

Seven Lions & Jason Ross feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn - Ocean (Official Lyric Video)
Seven Lions Feat. Runn - Calling You Home (Official Lyric Video)
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Expiration Date: Bring Them Down

Iris outlives her Expiration Date and joins the resistance, but quickly realizes that escaping death has only made life far more dangerous.

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A Fighting Chance (Short)

In Loving Memory Of Vrej Bejanian 1996-2017


A troubled teenager, Mike, abandoned by his father is destroyed by peer pressure. With his fathers return, will he find his way back to the top?
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Small Things

Two misfit high-schoolers find a photo scrapbook and go on a journey to find the owner. As they use the pictures in the book as clues into the owner’s life, they discover a lot more about who they are and where they fit in the world
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Jax + James (TV Series)

Best friends, Jax and James, find themselves navigating life as young adults. From discussing appropriate dating ages, to kleptomaniac fitness trainers, to the dark events that happened last Halloween, they’ll fight to stay buddies till the end.

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The Reins Maker

The Reins Maker (TRM) is a Redemptive Family Film by Fire Catcher Productions (FCP). TRM is a heartwarming story based on the courage, faith, and redemption of a young girl who faces almost insurmountable odds in following her dream to be a great jockey.

Penny Foster’s severe dyslexia and speech impediment are not her only barriers; she also faces the obstacles that only poverty can breed—living in a rundown river house down by the racetracks.

Mom (played by screen star, Juli Tapken) strives to help Penny overcome the challenges by teaching her at home. But Penny’s drab world is truly changed forever when Dad, Sam Foster, an ex-country music star who now works in the stables at the track, is sentenced to prison. Penny’s mom, Jane Foster, must then act on faith to take a job at the track to support the family.

With a seemingly final blow, a few years later, Jane falls ill—leaving Penny angry, rebellious, and resentful. At 19, forced to fight for her survival, Penny encounters an old man in a tack shop. That is when she finds the courage, grace, and faith to “let go and just ride.” The Reins Maker will restore your faith, and Penny Foster will steal your heart in this Michael Arnold/Fire Catcher Productions film.

“FCP is excited to be working with sensational singer/songwriter, Ainsley Ross in this amazing story of hope and redemption. Ainsley has accepted the role of Annie Ross, a young singer/songwriter who’ll perform her music both in the film and on the films soundtrack.  Ainsley brings not only her gift of music and song to The Reins Maker team, but an amazing spirit of love and sharing with others; her love for Christ, and how our lives can be enriched and changed through Him is the same story/message that we, Fire Catcher Productions, present in our books and feature films.”

College Bound: Window of Hope

Casting Announcement
“College Bound Film Production, a Texas Company, has selected American Actress, Ainsley Ross, as the lead role in the upcoming feature film, College Bound: Window of Hope . The young multi-talented actress will play the role of “taken” victim, Isabella (Izzy) Santiago, a real person in the life of story and screenwriter, M.T. Arnold (The Fire Catcher). The real Izzy, who disappeared in the 1970’s, was simply written off as just another runaway girl.

Being fairly familiar with Ross’ talents, Arnold encouraged the producers to provide her with the first crack at the role. Ross’ desire for the audition was equally and passionately met, and she performed it to perfection, according to Arnold – “She absolutely nailed it! The many similarities between the Isabella in the story and Ainsley, the person, are mind-blowing. Isabella is a writer, so is Ainsley. Isabella works with blind children, so does Ainsley, and they are both high school class valedictorians, but it doesn’t stop there as they each possess that genuine, kind, likable, and wonderful quality of faith in action.

Ross, an east Texas native, currently resides in L.A. where she continues to study hard at her craft. She has appeared in a variety of television/film projects,  magazine covers, photo shoots, and on stage concerts. She is an ambassador for Actors Models Talent for Christ (AMTC), and was recently selected as a spokesperson and International Woman of Insight: providing inspiring, uplifting and encouraging messages to women of all ages around the world. To complement the mission for College Bound – Ainsley has always had a sincere passion in creating awareness for those enslaved in the area of sexual exploitation and human trafficking. We’re privileged to have her on the College Bound team.”

Back to the Lame Future (Short)

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Into the Night

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